Friday, May 25, 2007

The daily grind

It has been a while since I posted, but it hasn't been because I haven't had any time. It has been great to come home and completely leave all of my work at work. I can come home and I don't have to think about work until I go back the next day. The problem is that the next day is coming a lot faster than it should. In order to maximize my earnings and quickly build my clinical hours towards full licensure, Kari and I decided that it would be okay for me to see clients until 7 PM most nights and occasionally see clients until 8 PM. Because the late afternoon/ early evening hours are the prime time that clients want to come to sessions, those slots filled quickly. The good news is that I'm still getting some good time with my family during the week. I'm not going into the office until 10 AM two mornings a week, and I'm home by 12:30 on Fridays. This allows me to spend much more time with Aidan and Regan. Kari and I get to spend time together after the kids go to bed at 8:30. Of course, the weekends are great too. The problem is that doing things online, even email and web surfing, has fallen way down the priority list. Additionally, I'm beat when I get home, and I don't necessarily want to sit in front of a computer screen. Between seeing 15-20 clients per week, maximizing time with family, and enjoying life, I simply don't want to take the time to revitalize my online life. It's nice and all, but not a high priority. Even right now, the only reason I'm posting is that Kari is working late and the kids are already in bed. I actually have nothing better to do. I don't think life will stay like this forever, but for now it's alright. So what if I don't write that often? It's not like thousands of loyal readers are hanging on my every word, right?

Right?... hello?...